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USA Adrift in a Sea of Lies

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Liars then and Liars now !

Hillary Clinton is criminal, utterly corrupt and totally dishonest and Bernie Sanders is a coward, a lying hypocrite, a dishonest opportunist, a weak man, not at all the nice guy he pretends to be.

Remember that presidents of the USA soon see themselves as running the entire world and Clinton/Sanders are only world class in their ability to deceive the many who want freedom from corporate slavery.

Throughout this election year 2016, Bernie Sanders claimed that he was a Socialist and would defend the well being of the majority of the population of the USA. This is the same Bernie Sanders that disrespected the late President of Venezuela.

How about that, what the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did and was good for the entire planet, Bernie Sanders claimed that he would do for the USA if elected president.

Sanders is a hypocrite, on the one hand disrespecting Hugo Chavez and on the other hand plagiarizing his ideas to deceive many in the USA who want real change.

And did I say Bernie Sander was a liar ?
Now he's proved it with the endorsement of Ganster Clinton

What is the legacy of Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez stood up for what is right for the planet not just for Venezuela. He was never afraid of what Washington might say and was never dishonest.

Chavez wrestled against the transnational corporate corruption and the international gangsters based in Washington DC to bring a better life and true freedom for the masses in Venezuela, the Caribbean, South and Central America.

Chavez left us with a World Class Legacy of Accomplishments that benefit not only Venezuela but also the entire World.

Venezuela is now a sovereign country with a democratically elected government that does not seek nuclear weapons and massive military arsenals but instead seeks a dignified life for the majority of the people of Venezuela, the Caribbean, South and Central America, so that all of these people can live free from corporate slavery, in peace and prosper together with all nations.

What is the legacy of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?

A Sea of Lies

Fabian Chavez

24 Horas en Ayotzinapa
Trasfondo de los hechos sucedidos en Mexico en el estado de Guerrero y por que el pueblo Mexicano esta tan indignado.

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