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Sat., Feb. 4 Day of Action:

No Sanctions, No War Against Iran!
Watch and share a video interview about the real cause for the threats and sanctions against Iran


3 Big Lies About the U.S./NATO War on Libya


The anti-war movement responds to President Obama's speech

Statement from the ANSWER Coalition

Rhetoric and Reality:

Masking War Escalation as a Withdrawal Plan

The U.S. cannot “win” the war in Afghanistan. It was losing the war when Barack Obama took office. In March 2009, President Obama ordered another 30,000 troops. Rather than reverse the outcome, the U.S. and NATO effort lost even more ground. Now President Obama has ordered another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Attempting to deflect growing opposition to the announcement of his dramatic escalation of the war in Afghanistan, President Obama is simultaneously claiming that U.S. troops will start to be withdrawn in July 2011.

The Generals and Admirals, and now the White House, are unwilling to accept responsibility for a military setback. The President knows they cannot win and yet is unwilling to leave. Since no leader is willing to take responsibility, they are instead sending thousands more to their deaths.

Bush and Cheney ordered the invasion thinking it would be easy going. They thought Iraq would be easy, too. They were going to wipe out the governments in Iran, Syria and North Korea. This colonial-type fantasy, nourished by “great nation” arrogance and the acquiescence of a caste of corrupt politicians in Congress, set the stage for the current catastrophe of a war without end.

After years of war, more than 140 armed insurgent groups of Afghans now exist as a response to the invasion and they control large parts of the country. The people in Afghanistan perceive the occupation as a colonial-type takeover of their country. September 11 was a pretext, but there were no Afghans or Iraqis who hijacked the planes. The people of Afghanistan, like the people in Vietnam, will never accept foreign military occupation in their country.

In the 1968 election Nixon ran on a platform of a “secret peace plan” for Vietnam. In reality, Nixon’s “peace plan” meant more bombing of Vietnam, expansion of the war into Cambodia, and “Vietnamization” – the building up of the South Vietnamese puppet army under the direction of U.S. “advisors.” The puppet army was supposed to do the fighting and dying in the place of U.S. troops in an increasingly unpopular war.

The new plan for Afghanistan calls for more bombing and drone attacks, and “Afghanization” – the building up of a puppet Afghan army trained and led by U.S. commanders. This follows President Obama's escalation of massive bombing of the people of Pakistan.

At a time of deep economic crisis, with tens of millions out of work and losing their homes, the cost of the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq is already running at over $225 billion per year or $1.2 billion every two days. Escalating the war will escalate that cost.

The war is not about "the security of the people of the United States being at stake." If it was, there could be no talk about exit strategies and announced plans for withdrawal.

Real change comes from below. It comes from the millions who are suffering from unemployment, foreclosure, evictions and poverty. It comes from the young people who are being driven from college because of soaring tuition. The children of working-class families are the ones who do the bleeding and the killing, and they are told they do it for “national security.”

This is not our war. This is a war for empire, one that has gone very badly for the occupying force. How many more will die for the U.S. to avoid the appearance of defeat?

The ANSWER Coalition, in partnership with scores of organizations and echoing the sentiment of millions of people who want the wars to end, will be in the streets today, tomorrow and in the months to come. That is now clearly the only prescription to end the violence and occupation of the American Empire.

To support the anti-war movement, click here.

Say NO to the Bush Agenda Carried on by Obama

On February 15 of 2003, we stood against this unjust war. On March 20 of 2004, we stood against its continuation and demanded that the invaders leave Iraq. On March 19, 2005 we once again demanded that this senseless criminal war stop immediately. On September 15, 2007 we once again pointed out that the war in Iraq stands as one of the great crimes of the modern era. We, the people, must act with all of our energy to end wars and to Bring Bush to Justice. This is not a partisan political act. It is a constitutional imperative.

The United States is killing thousands of innocent men women and children in Iraq Afghanistan and Lybia for dishonest reasons.

Justice awaits the leaders of these criminal wars.

The military forces that have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan are not heroes but unwilling peons of the Bush and Obama regime.

Our military men and women are sent to die in criminal, illegal and useless wars that will bring us nothing but bad repercussions for decades to come.

The presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were marred with fraud.
The transparency of elections in the USA should never come into question. However, the past two presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 in the USA are marred with questionable and even fraudulent procedures that have made the executive branch of the government of this nation illegitimate and untrustworthy at home and abroad. Voters in Ohio and Florida suffered wholesale intimidation and electoral fraud.

We no longer have the high moral ground and can no longer admonish anyone in regards to electoral freedom. Unless the members of congress act to investigate and correct this situation, congressional delegates abroad and at home will be seen with cynicism and suspicion instead of respect and admiration.
Electoral fraud is a grave matter that ultimately affects the trust that we the people have in our representatives and government institutions.

This aggresive war of occupation in Iraqand Afghanistan is costing US taxpayers vast sums of money . These vast sums of money are needed for other priorities inside the US.

The US must make it clear to the Iraqi and Afghanista people, and the world, that we intend to withdraw our troops inmediately, that we promise to help rebuild their devastated country, that we will pay war reparations, that we are will punish those responsible for war crimes on our side, and that we have no intention of maintaining armed forces there in the future.

We urge Congress to adopt a resolution calling upon the President to develop and announce plans for withdrawing US troops and reassuring the Iraqi and Afghan people that we plan no long term involvement in their country's affairs.

George W. Bush and several members of his administration led the US into the Iraq war on the basis of false claims and appeals. His regime has dangerously eroded American civil liberties; violated the Geneva Convention in its treatment of prisoners; created an unconscionable burden of debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren; and swept away policies that were designed to protect our fragile natural environment.

Bush is a Liar Bush was aware of the questionable nature of the basis for his launching the war, he is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors," which constituted grounds for impeachment and removal from office. The House has a solemn duty, under the Constitution to begin investigations to determine the extent of the former President's legal culpability. Call your representatives in Congress and demand hearings now.

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the case for invading Iraq and Afghanista was a sham, based on distorted and exaggerated “evidence.”

It is difficult for anyone -- especially a politician who must be periodically reelected -- to admit error. The overwhelming majority of people in Congress who voted in October, 2002 to give Bush the authority to act as he saw fit in Iraq must now admit that they made a grave mistake.

Every member of Congress who voted in 2002 to back the Bush should admit that it was a grievous, costly error, and demand a plan to stop the tragic loss of life and the spending of huge sums of money in this aggressive and immoral wars.




NY Dice NO a la Agenda de Bush NY Says NO to the Bush Agenda




Stop the Police State

The Children of IraqHijos de Irak

Children of Iraq

War is Not the Answer

Paz para Irak ~ Peace for Iraq

United for Peace

International Answer

Move On

Center for Constitutional Rights

Empty Warhead Found in The White House

"Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket that
is fired, signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and
are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is
not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the
genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of
life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity
hanging on a cross of iron." --Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Poisonous Legacy

Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Open letter to the US Congress

Enough already!

Shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, and demand that the Obama regime officials immediately appear before a federal court to justify the detention of the remaining prisoners or release them.

Guantanamo is a black eye on the United States reputation around the world and has become a symbol of the Bush and Obama regime’s disregard for the most basic of human rights.

We join the Center for Constitutional Rights to say that if The United States of America is to represent democracy and freedom it cannot at the same time lock people away without due process and without access to courts or attorneys.

The United States Supreme Court has already ruled that these prisioners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba deserve all the legal rights of citizens of the United States.

Guantanamo Bay must be shut down.

Guantanamo should not and does not represent United States values. Shut it down and return it to its rightful owner the nation of Cuba.


Crowd Speaks Truth to Power

The Liar ~ El Mentiroso

Yikes McGee ~ Propagandy


Cheney's deferments


Bush deserter

Why Iraq Was a Mistake


Dile NO a la Agenda de Bush Continuada por Obama

El 15 de Febrero del 2003 nosEl Mundo dice No a la Guerra pronunciamos en contra de esta guerra injusta. El 20 de Marzo del 2004, nos pronunciamos en contra de su continuación y demandamos que los invasores se retiren de Irak. El 19 de Marzo del 2005 otra vez demandamos un alto immediato a esta guerra criminal y sin sentido. El 15 de Septiembre del 2007 otra vez señalamos que la guerra en Irak sobresale como uno de los grandes crimenes de la era moderna. Nosotros, el pueblo, debemos de actuar con toda nuestra energia para finalizar la guerra y enjuiciar a Bush. Esto no es un acto partidista ni politico. Es un imperante constitucional.

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Los Estados Unidos esta matando miles de hombres mujeres y niños inocentes en Irak Afganistan y Libia por razones deshonestas.

A los criminales dirigentes de estas guerras les espera Justicia.

Las fuerzas militares que invaden Irak y Afganista no son heroes sino peones aunque no lo quieran del regimen de Bush y Obama.

El regimen de Bush esta enviando a nuestros militares, hombres y mujeres, a morir en una guerra criminal, ilegal e inutil que por decadas a venir nos traera nada mas que malas repercusiones.

Las elecciones presidenciales del 2000 y 2004 fueron manchadas con fraude. Los votantes fueron intimidados y hubo fraude electoral en Ohio y la Florida.

La transparencia de las elecciones en los Estados Unidos nunca deben dudarse. Pero tenemos dos elecciones presidenciales en el 2000 y el 2004 que estan manchadas con practicas dudosas y fraudulentas que han hecho ilegitima a la rama ejecutiva de esta nacion y que se desconfie del gobierno de esta nacion aqui y en el extranjero.

Ya no tenemos la altura moral ni podemos amonestar a ninguno en lo que concierne libertad electoral. Si los miembros del congreso no actuan para investigar y corregir esta situacion, las delegaciones del congreso en el exterior y dentro del pais seran vistas con cinicismo y sospecha en vez de respeto y admiracion.

Fraude electoral es un tema grave que afecta la confianza que nosotros el pueblo tenemos en nuestros representantes e instituciones gubernamentales.

Esta guerra agresiva de ocupacion esta costando grandes sumas de dinero a los estadounidenses que pagan impuestos. Estas grandes sumas de dinero se necesitan para otras prioridades dentro de los Estados Unidos.

Los Estado Undios deben aclararle al pueblo de Irak, Afganistan y al mundo, que tenemos la intencion de retirar nuestras tropas inmediamente, que prometemos reconstruir su desvastado país, que estamos dispuestos a pagar reparaciones de guerra, que estamos dispuestos a castigar a los que por nuestro lado son responsables de crimenes de guerra, y que no tenemos intenciones de mantener fuerzas armadas alllí en el futuro.

Urgimos al congreso a que adopte una resolución llamando al Presidente a que desarrolle y anuncie planes para retirar las tropas estadounidenses y asegurarle al pueblo de Irak y Afganista que no planificamos involucrarnos a largo plazo en los asuntos de su país.

George W. Bush y varios miembros de su administracion dirigieron a los Estados Unidos a la guerra en Irak sobre la base de falsos llamados y reclamos. Su regimen a erosionado peligrosamente las libertades civiles estadounidenses, violado las Convenciones de Ginebra en su tratamiento de prisioneros, a creado una carga de deudas que deben pagar nuestros hijos y los hijos de nuestros hijos, y ha barrido con politicas que fueron diseñadas para proteger nuestro fragil medio ambiente.

Bush es MentirosoBush estaba apercibido de la cuestionable naturaleza de la base para lanzar esta guerra, el es culpable de sendos crimenes y mal echanzas, los cuales constituyen bases para juzgarlo y quitarlo de su puesto. La Camara de Representantes tiene el deber solemne bajo la Constitución de comenzar investigaciones de enjuiciamiento para determinar lo extenso de la culpabilidad legal del ex Presidente. Le urgimos a que llame a sus representantes en el Congreso y demande que se lleven a cabo gestiones de enjuiciamiento.

Ahora sabemos sin duda alguna que el razonamiento para invadir Iraq fue bazado en fraude, evidencia exagerada y distorsionada.

Es muy dificil admitir error, especialmente para un politico quien periodicamente debe de ser reelegido. La mayoria de la gente en el Congreso que votaron en Octubre del 2002 para darle a Bush autorizacion de actuar como a el mas le pareciera en Irak deben ahora admitir que cometieron un grave error.

Cada miembro del Congreso que voto en el 2002 para respaldar a Bush debe de admitir que fue un error grave y costoso. Deben ahora demandar un plan para ponerle un alto a esta tragica perdida de vida y el gasto de sendas sumas de dinero en esta guerra agresiva e inmoral.




End the rush to war against Iran

Why Hollywood portrays Muslims as villains.

Descubra Iran - Discover Iran

We the people of the United States

demand that cynical criminal George Bush stop the rush to war with Iran.

Bush must use diplomatic, political, and economic options to defuse tensions with Iran -- BEFORE even considering military force.

The foolish racist military aggression against Iraq is a total failure. Bush has achieved NOTHING of lasting value in Iraq and a military strike on Iran will only add to that failure.

Bush can forget about stability for Iraq with a military strike on Iran. Bush's criminal belligerence has cost the lives of thousands of INNOCENT people. The Unites States cannot afford Bush's foolish criminal policies.

Debra Cagan's personal hatred towards all Iranians and her free expression of this hatred in shaping US Foreign policy is very disturbing. Debra Cagan’s racist hatred is not representative of the views of most Americans. Remove Debra Cagan from any dealings with the US government. State Department Official Debra Cagan full of personal hatred towards Iran. I hate all Iranians, US aide tells British MPs.


The US media is demonizing Iran

in subservience to the White House  and US State Department


We are all well aware that Iran's nuclear issue is a political issue. It's not a legal issue. Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia

Dehumanization and Demonization: The War Has Begun AGAIN!

Media subservience to criminal George Bush is one reason the United States is in a mess in Iraq. Media whores are now selling themselves to the illegitimate White House resident to prepare us for what they have labeled as a showdown with Iran.

Congress must not allow this cynical criminal monster named George Bush to escalate the war in the Middle East. George Bush has no moral right to threaten Iran and dictate how the Iranian nation is to live out its life in the world.

The long-standing desire by the United States to dominate Iran has created an animosity that is extremely dangerous, absurd and untenable. Iran has a right to follow its own path and live in peace without fear of invasion, sanctions and provocations from the United States.

The United States and Britain will never achieve their goals of world domination and they will never subjugate Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. Iran will defend itself.

News from Iran Press TV

End the illegitimate war against Iraq

The reports of the Blackwater shooting questioned the statements by Blackwater murderous mercenary thugs that they were responding to armed insurgents when 17 Iraqis were massacred in cold blood on September 16 at a Baghdad intersection. 'Made in USA' crisis in Iraq

George Bush has created a problem in the Middle East of catastrophic proportions with his deceptive ill-advised immoral illegitimate invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Liar in the White House wants to get us all killed. It is time for the citizenry of the United States to stand up and say Impeach this tyrant along with his entire entourage.

Tragedia en Irak - Iraq Tragedy

Thugs on the loose in Iraq

Bush Mentiroso - Bush Liar

We have a criminal liar for President but we still want blessings


Bush is Evil

Bush is Corrupt

El terrorismo del regimen de Bush
y el terrorismo de Osama Bin Laden son igualmente inaceptables.

El ultimatum de Bush a los pueblos del mundo: "Estan con nosotros o estan con los terroristas" es una piesa de presumida arrogancia. No es una decision que la gente quiere hacer, necesita hacer o tenga que hacer.

Somos libres para tomar nuestras propias decisiones y no estar sujetos a ninguno de los dos terrores.

The terrorism of the Bush regime
and the terrorism of Osama Bin Laden are equally unacceptable.

The algebra of infinite justice

Bush's ultimatum to the people of world: "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorist", is a piece of presumptuous arrogance. It's not a choice that people want to, need to, or should have to make.
We are free to make our own decisions and not be subject to either terror.

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