Que Lindos New York

Que Lindos New York

A North American Coup D'état
More evidence that a real criminal investigation of who really demolished the World Trade Center in New York City needs to be done to bring the true criminals to justice.


Empire State Building illuminated in Rainbow Colors during November 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year 2005 ~ Feliz Año Nuevo 2005

¡Felíz Año Nuevo 2005!

¡Que la vida les traiga lo mejor de todo en este año nuevo!

Happy New Year 2005!

May life bring you the best of everything in this new year!


Sitting outside an antique shop on the East Village

Romero Day 2005 New York

Empire State en Arcoiris

El Edificio Empire State fue iluminado con los colores del arcoiris en Noviembre del 2010.

En ese entonces la banda de rock Furthur fundada por Bob Weir y Phil Lesh miembros de Grateful Dead tocaron en el Madison Square Garden. En ese entonces la iluminacion en los colores del arcoiris del edificio Empire State fue en honor de Jerry Garcia el lider de los Dead quien murio en 1995 a la edad de 53 años.

Una Noche Mas

Let the NY Post rot!

We stopped buying the NY Post many years ago in February 1990 for being insensitive and down right racist. We don't know why it took so long for people to wake up and see the light.

The NY Post has been a racist newspaper for many decades. We have never again purchased that sorry newspaper since the day that Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa. On the day Nelson Mandela was released from prision the New York Post ran a stupid tabloid story on the front page ignoring the real news of the day.

No one  with any dignity in New York should buy the Post.

Hundreds Protest NY Post Cartoon Seen as Racist Depiction of Obama


ABC No Rio
Silver Cup Studios Green Roof
Angelika Film Center
Armory Track
Brecht Forum
Bronx Zoo
Central Park Dance Skaters Association

City Lore

City Lore

Congressman Jose E. Serrano

Desfile Nacional Puertorriqueño

The Doe Fund
Earth from Above

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

New York Aquarium

NY Says No to War

NY Says No to War

NY Says NO to War

Place Matters

The Riverside Church


Far Rockaway

Kelli Sae

Kelli Sae Here I Am

Kelli Sae  performed at the Blue Note in September, 2004

"The depth and realness of her performance and songwriting is undeniable and downright intoxicating. You're pulled into Sae's world within seconds..." - Billboard Magazine

Kelli Sae



Las Torres Gemelas

Peace and Justice Radio


WBAI FM 99.5 New York

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