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Que Lindos Paz para Irak - Peace for Iraq

We are the  99% of America.

We beautify America.

We clean America.

We construct America.

We educate America.

We feed America.

We heal America.

We maintain America.

We move America.

We protect America.

Is time to face reality and put the blame for the economic ills of the USA squarely where it belongs. The blame belongs not with the workers, but with the lack of leadership in Washington D.C.



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Que Lindos Paz para Irak - Peace for Iraq

The blame for the economic ills of the USA belongs with the lack of leadership in Washington DC and the legislators in every state government who accept money from business lobbyists and turn away from Nation building.

The leadership of the USA worships the false god of Capitalism.

Corporations have teams of lawyers looking for ways to hire non-US citizens and residents.

Profit rules the leaders of the nation not a sound vision for the health and future of the majority of the people of the country.

Racism is veiled in false patriotism by the right wing groups calling for criminalization of the workers and a wall along the border with Mexico.


Message to All Haters

Did you know

Although in vogue to call the United States by the name America.

  1. The name was actually given to the entire continent in 1507
  2. The name was actually placed on a map over an area that is now know as Brazil.
  3. 269 years went by in America without a United States
  4. Hispanics and Latinos are contrived words that do not represent the historical heritage of Spanish speaking people in America.
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Que Lindos Open letter to those who say "Speak English you are in America"

Although in vogue to call the United States by the name America, the name was actually placed on a map of South America in 1507 over what is now Brazil.

269 years went by in America without a United States. The use of the name to refer exclusively to the United States is inaccurate and smacks at laziness. Those that say "Speak English you are in America" are deceived and ignorant of the historical facts.

America was named in 1507. In fact, there were no United States around when the name America was given to this continent in 1507. The name was placed on a map in which can be seen a part of the Continent of South America and the Caribbean Sea. The name America is over what is now know as Brazil and later given to the entire landmass from Alaska to Argentina. This land is all connected. The name was not given for the sole use of the United States.

In addition the term Hispanic is inaccurate. Most countries on the mainland of America separated from Spain 200 years ago. The people that now speak Spanish are Americans even if they are born in Chile or Guatemala. The people that speak Spanish in America are not Hispanic like those that speak English are not English.

Spanish, English, French and Portuguese are European languages spoken by millions in America in addition to dozens of native languages.

It has become fashionable to use the name America as synonymous with the United States and ignore the origin of the naming of this hemisphere and the right that others in this hemisphere have to the name America. The people of the United States don't have any more right to the name America than someone from Honduras, Colombia or Uruguay.

America does not end at the border of the United States with Canada or Mexico. The name America was given to the entire hemisphere in 1507 more than 260 years before the United States became a nation. Everyone from Alaska to Argentina is an American therefore your comment of "speak English you are in America" is a very ignorant statement not becoming an educated and well meaning individual who we otherwise respect.

More than 500 years ago, in 1507, the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller placed the name America, supposedly in honor of Americo Vespucci an Italian explorer, on a map of what is now Brazil in South America. The land of Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries also appear on the map. Spanish and other European languages would be spoken in America for over 100 years before the Mayflower would even arrive in North America bringing the pilgrims.

It has become fashionable to use the name America as synonymous with the United States but this use is inaccurate when used together with other American countries like Mexico or Canada or even smaller countries like El Salvador or Costa Rica because all of these countries are in America.

Efforts to unify the United States with the English only drive are not very intelligent since they deliberately ignore the facts behind the naming of America and the fact that people who speak Spanish in the United States southwest and California do so because they were living there and speaking Spanish long before the English only speakers arrived and the political lines redrawn.

Why is California called that way, why is Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego called that way, well because Spanish was the language used there in America before English was spoken by those who arrived much later. The effort to make everyone speak English and targeting those who have spoken Spanish for centuries is very disingenuous and counterproductive because it ignores the history of America and does not take into account the information that is known.

Get educated!

We agree that people should speak English in the United States but the effort should be directed at education and not at legislation to make it illegal to speak another language. The United States will be a better and stronger nation when we recognize that all this categorizing is flawed since it only serves to separate us.

Best wishes,

Que Lindos

Carta Abierta de Que Lindos a los que dicen "Habla Ingles, estas en America"

Aunque esta de moda el llamar a los Estados Unidos con el nombre de America, el nombre fue puesto en el mapa de America del Sur en 1507 sobre lo que hoy es Brasil.

Pasaron 269 años en America sin los Estados Unidos. El uso del nombre para referirse exclusivamente a los Estados Unidos es incorrecto y suena a pereza. Aquellos que dicen "Habla Ingles, estas en America" están engañados e ignorantes de los hechos historicos.

America fue nombrada en 1507. De hecho, no habian Estados Unidos en 1507 cuando se le dio el nombre de America a este continente. El nombre, America, se puso sobre un mapa en el cual se ve una parte del continente de America del Sur y el Mar Caribe. El nombre America esta  sobre lo que ahora se conoce como el Brasil y luego se le dio a toda la tierra desde Alaska a la Argentina. Toda esta tierra esta conectada. El nombre no fue dado solo para el uso de los Estados Unidos.

Ademas, el termino Hispano es incorrecto. La mayoria de los paises en la tierra firme de America se separaron de España hace 200 años. La gente que ahora habla Español es Americana aunque hayan nacido en Chile o Guatemala. La gente que habla Español en America no es Hispana al igual que los que hablan Ingles no son Ingleses.

El Español, Frances, Ingles y Portuges son lenguajes Europeos hablados en America por millones ademas de docenas de lenguajes nativos.

Se ha puesto de moda el usar el nombre America como sinonimo a los Estados Unidos e ignorar el origen del nombramiento de este hemisferio y el derecho que tienen otros en este hemisferio al nombre de America. La gente de los Estados Unidos no tiene mas derecho al nombre America que alguien de Honduras, Colombia o Uruguay.

America no termina en la frontera de los Estados Unidos con el Canada o Mexico. El nombre America fue dado al hemisferio entero en 1507 mas de 260 años antes que los Estados Unidos llegara ser una nacion. Cada uno desde Alaska a la Argentina es un Americano asi que su comentario de ¨Habla Ingles estas en America¨es un dicho muy ignorante que no le cae bien a un individuo educado y de bien a quien respetamos en otros aspectos.

Hace mas de 500 años en 1507, el cartografo Aleman Martin Waldseemüller puso el nombre America, supuestamente en honor a Americo Vespucci un explorador Italiano, sobre un mapa de lo que ahora es Brasil en America del Sur. La tierra de Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Trinidad y Tobago y otros paises tambien aparecen en el mapa. El Español y otras lenguas Europeas se hablarian en America por mas de 100 años antes que la Flor de Mayo llegara a la America del Norte trayendo a los peregrinos.

Se ha puesto de moda el usar el nombre America como sinonimo a los Estados Unidos pero ese uso no es correcto cuando se usa junto con otros paises Americanos como Mexico o Canada o paises mas pequeños como El Salvador o Costa Rica por que todos estos paises estan en America.

Esfuerzos para unificar a los Estados Unidos con el afan de "Ingles Solamente" no son muy inteligentes pues ignoran deliberadamente los hechos tras el nombramiento de America y el echo por el cual la gente que habla Español en California y el suroeste de los Estados Unidos lo hacen por que estaban viviendo alli y hablando Español mucho antes que llegaran los que solo hablan Ingles y se redibujaran las fronteras politicas.

¿Por que se llama de esa manera California? Por que se llama Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles y San Diego de esa manera, bueno por que el Español fue la lengua que se uso alli en America antes que fuera hablado el Ingles por los que llegaron mucho mas tarde. Los esfuerzos en hacer que todos hablen Ingles y el enfocar a los que han hablado Español por siglos no sera productivo por que ignora la historia de America y no toma en consideracion la informacion que se conoce.


Estamos de acuerdo que la gente en los Estados Unidos hable el Ingles pero el esfuerzo debe de ser dirigido a la educacion y no a legislacion que hace ilegal el hablar otro lenguage. Los Estados Unidos sera una nacion mejor y mas fuerte cuando reconoscamos que toda esta categorizacion es erronea ya que solo sirve para separarnos.


Que Lindos

Argentina is America

Chile is America

Uruguay is America

Brazil is America

Paraguay is America

Bolivia is America

Peru is America

Ecuador is America

Colombia is America

Venezuela is America

Guyana is America

Suriname is America

The Caribbean is America

Trinidad and Tobago is America

Barbados is America

St. Vincent is America

Puerto Rico is America

Dominican Republic is America

Haiti is America

Jamaica is America

Cuba is America

Panama is America

Costa Rica is America

Nicaragua is America

Honduras is America

El Salvador is America

Guatemala is America

Belize is America

Mexico is America

United States is America

Canada is America

Alaska is America

Argentina es America

Chile es America

Uruguay es America

Brasil es America

Paraguay es America

Bolivia es America

Peru es America

Ecuador es America

Colombia es America

Venezuela es America

Guyana es America

Suriname es America

El Caribe es America

Trinidad y Tobago es America

Barbados es America

San Vincente es America

Puerto Rico es America

Republica Dominicana es America

Haiti es America

Jamaica es America

Cuba es America

Panama es America

Costa Rica es America

Nicaragua es America

Honduras es America

El Salvador es America

Guatemala es America

Belize es America

Mexico es America

Estados Unidos es America

Canada es America

Alaska es America

El reyecito de España no tiene soberania en ningun lugar de America debe callarse y respetar nuestros Presidentes.
The little king of Spain has no sovereignty anywhere in America he should shut up and respect our Presidents.

Open Message to All Haters in The United States

Racism Masquerades as Patriotism

Mexicans are not Spanish

Mexicans are Americans

The brown skinned Mexican people that you fear so much are more American than anyone of pure European or any other ancestry outside of this continent. America was named in 1507 and the name America was placed on a map over what is now Venezuela and Brazil 269 years BEFORE the USA would even declare its Independence from England in 1776.

Pay attention: Mexico is in America. Spain is in Europe. Get a grip on your hysteria and open a history book and learn: THE ENTIRE CONTINENT was named AMERICA in 1507. In case you don't know how to count that is 269 LONG YEARS BEFORE the 4th of July 1776. The name AMERICA was placed on what is now Brazil by a German cartographer in 1507. Spanish would be spoken in America for over 274 years before the USA would begin to be independent from the British. What does this all mean?

  1. Spanish has been spoken in America since Columbus an Italian arrived here with several other men on La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María funded by Spain in 1492. It is pure uneducated ignorance to demand anybody to speak English in America. Is good for all of us to speak the same language but it can not be made into a demand. Why should our private conversations in Spanish, French, Portuguese or any other language be any of your business.
  2. No English was involved in naming America. A German is credited with placing the name America on a map over what is now Brazil after an Italian named Amerigo Vespucci in 1507. That is 269 years BEFORE the US independence from Britain in 1776.
  3. The name America has been adopted by English speakers to mean the USA but it is not the sole property of the USA and America does not end at the borders with Canada and Mexico. America extends all the way down to Tierra del Fuego.
  4. There's an Organization of American States and the USA is a member of it recognizing the fact that it does not own the name America for itself. Argentinians, Brazilians, Bolivians,Venezuelans along with Canadians and Mexicans are also Americans.

All you haters out  there should get educated, it will go along way to alleviate all of your unfounded fears of Mexicans.


Illegal workers don't have any political clout but

The pain and suffering that made them come here in the first place has whether you like it or not placed these workers on every front page in the nation. These people want to work, they are not welfare cheats. The money that the IRS collects from these workers often goes unrefunded and the US treasury is the wealthier for it. The money that these workers pay to Social Security will never be repaid back to them!

You have to recognize the strength of these workers and focus your anger on the leadership of this country that is in bed with big business and has allowed this tragedy to happen in the first place.

Even if you send these illegal workers back to Poland, Albania, Ireland, Russia, Israel, South Korea, England, Brazil, Mexico and dozens of other countries, the underlying problems will never be fixed since you are not calling your political representatives and demand that they stop serving the interest of big business lobbyists.

The illegal workers are a problem but are NOT THE PROBLEM. Corrupt legislators have DELIBERATELY put the laws on the books that allow this to happen in the first place in federal, state and local governments influenced by BIG contributions, read bribes, from big business lobbyists.

Big business wants cheap labor and they wine and dine your representatives in order to get it. We don't suppose you are sending your representatives a message to remind them who elected them in the first place. It is political cowardice and much easier to attack the workers instead of confronting the corrupt politicians that allow this to happen in the first place.


Republican Senator Needs to Learn History

According to the Library of Congress, the United States Bureau of Education commissioned a Spanish-language version of "The Star Spangled Banner" en español way back in 1919. That was before the English version became the official anthem in 1931. Hello Tennessee Senator get a grip before you put your other foot in your mouth.

The bureau called the song "La Bandera de las estrellas." You can find mention of "La Bandera de las estrellas" online at the Library of Congress' Performing Arts Digital Library interactive Web site.


Minutemen Fueled by Racism

Taking advantage of workers in Mexico or the USA by paying them extremely low wages is not good for anybody it will eventually tear these countries apart. Big business see profits as the sole reason for their existence, Nation building is not even in their horizon. The Minutemen movement is fueled by racism. How else can one explain their unwillingness to tackle the corrupt politicians in Washington instead of turning like wolves on the undocumented Mexican workers. There is a convenience in their action that is very expedient but lacks true political bravery and vision for the future. What about the majority of Mexicans who are US citizens and contribute daily to the make up of this country? Will they not be affected in a negative way by the Minutemen almost exclusive charge against their undocumented cousins and brothers? This Minutemen movement in its current form is completely counterproductive to the fabric of the United States. The movement focuses on the clout less illegal Mexicans while pandering to the corrupt politicians in Washington DC. Unless this Minutemen movement hates the corruption in Washington as much as it hates the illegal Mexican workers it will be doomed to failure. Racism will never again be allowed to rule this nation unchallenged.

The Veiled Racism in the Undocumented Worker Eating Frenzy

The Dubious Mr. Dobbs


Tan sólo se levanta del suelo el que del todo extiende sus alas...

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